Tree Inspections

Tree Inspection Reports

Tree inspection reports can be prepared for single trees or whole tree populations. Tree inspections provide a snapshot of tree condition at the time of inspection. The data collected during a tree inspection may provide the basis for a Tree Valuation Report, Tree Risk Assessment or a Tree Pruning or Removal Report.

In Sydney a Tree Inspection report can be submitted to your local council as part of a Tree Preservation Order Application. Recommended pruning works will reference the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees AS 4373 – 2007.
A tree inspection will generally captures the following data for each tree:

  • Genus, Species and Common Name
  • Height and Width
  • DBH (Diameter at Breast Height)
  • DRB (Diameter above Root Buttress)
  • Age, Health and Vigour
  • Landscape Amenity, Heritage or Ecological Value
  • Crown Form and Condition
  • Visible Defects or Evidence of Wounding
  • Retention Value


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